Self- Study Report

Self-Study Report

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UPRM-MSCHE 2016 Visit Schedule

Evaluation Visit Roster for MSCHE Reaccreditation Visit- April 7-13, 2016

Table 1: Self Study Reports by Standard
Standard 1  Dr. Betsy Morales
Standards 2 and 3 Prof. Mercedes Ferrer
Standards 4 and 5 Dr. Noel Artiles
Standard 6 Dr. Halley Sanchez
Standard 7 Ms. Rocío Zapata
Standard 8 Dr. Sonia Bartolomei
Standard 9 Dr. Omell Pagán
Standard 10 Dr. Gayle Griggs
Standard 11 Dr. Jorge González
Standard 12 Dr. Mariel Nieves
Standard 13 Dr. Pedro Vásquez
Standard 14 Dr. Roberto Várgas
Table 2: General Appendices
Appendix A Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogues
Appendix B Self-Study Report 2005 Final MSCHE Visit, March 6-9, 2005 Report
Appendix C Administrative Assessments
Appendix D Assessment Plans and Strategic Plans- Deanship of Administration
Appendix E  Five year Program Evaluations 2014-15 Academic Affairs
Appendix F Student Learning Assessments 2004-2007
Appendix G Surveys and Responses
Appendix H Survey Evidence by faculty, department, and office
Appendix I Middle States- General Information (Executive Reports, Executive Summaries, Letters)
Appendix J UPRM Annual Reports 2006-2015
Appendix K UPRM Budget and Financial Statements (OIIP)
Appendix L Audit Reports  (OIIP)
Appendix M UPRM Strategic Plans: 2003-2011 and 2012-2022
Appendix N Certifications
Appendix O MSCHE Meeting Minutes
Appendix P Curriculum Vitae of College Deans and Office and Department Directors
Appendix Q Professor’s Manual
Appendix R UPR Bylaws
Appendix S UPRM Student Manual and UPR Student Manual
Appendix T Standards of Excellence
Appendix U Administrative Board (JA) Certification 86-87-476
Appendix V Diez para la Década (2006-2016)
Appendix W National Survey of Student Engagement UPRM 2014
Appendix X CIEPD
Appendix Y CEPR- Volumes I-VII
Appendix Z Institutional Policy against Sexual Harassment at the UPR
Appendix AA Business Administration Accreditation
Appendix BB Five Year Review Reports 2014
Appendix CC Strategic Plan Proposals for Funding
Appendix DD Self Study Report Feedback from Community